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The Abode, Part 3: Timeless Duncan Smart

The Abode, Part 3: Timeless

Duncan Smart

Kindle Edition
16 pages
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 About the Book 

Jack Williams, a young college student with a crippled leg, undergoes a near spontaneous healing after trying a new medication for pain. He soon discovers that the therapy awakened genes that have triggered a transformation of his body. Upon learning of his true nature, an extraterrestrial-human hybrid, he is rushed to a unique community where aging and disease are unheard of and many secrets will be revealed to him. When the citizens of his new abode go to war with an ancient enemy, his new abilities are put to the test. The woman he loves, the family member he didnt know existed, and the ruthless king he must defeat: the challenge of dealing with them, and others, push him to the breaking point. Will he survive the transition from human to something much greater and take his rightful place in the community? Download this tale of love and fantasy to find out.