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The Window in the Wall Ginny Merritt

The Window in the Wall

Ginny Merritt

Published August 1st 2013
ISBN : 9781606827819
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 About the Book 

A great army is marching toward Jericho . . . will Talia and her family be protected from harm by the God above all gods that they are learning to worship?The Window in the Wall is a brilliant retelling of the Biblical account of the fall of Jericho. I’ve never read any book about that time, and Ginny Merritt’s fascinating descriptions really brought ancient Jericho and the Biblical events to life. I really enjoyed the imagination and practical experience woven into this short story. The tension was such that it kept me reading, even though the book is aimed toward younger readers.Talia and her family are afraid—a foreign army from Egypt is marching toward Jericho, threatening their city and their lives. Talia and her papa, Yoktan, often work out in the flax fields together—but when the army miraculously crosses the river Jordan in full flood, they must leave their work and get to safety inside the city. Will God—the God above all gods—that Talia is learning to love and trust—protect them? Aunt Rahab says that if they stay with her then they will be safe, but can her word be trusted? Even if it can, will they have enough provisions to last out the siege?The Window in the Wall—in some ways—is a simple story. It also carries deep spiritual truths, and makes the Biblical narrative in Joshua 2–6 vividly real. All young readers will love the Biblical truths woven throughout the storyline.I recieved this eBook for free from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange for my honest review.