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Fifty Shames of Earl Gray Fanny Merkin

Fifty Shames of Earl Gray

Fanny Merkin

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Im guessing most folks know the basics of The Fifty Shades of Grey books, originally written as fan-fiction of the Twilight series: mousy Bella and control-freak Edward got a new setting and a hot sex life. Fifty Shades was eventually picked up by money-grubbing publishers, publishers who supposedly edited it, and history was made, although after reading it for myself, Im reminded of The Emperors New Clothes. Does everyone love these badly written books because the hype says theyre supposed to, or are they afraid to go against popular opinion? Say it aint so. Speaking of money-grubbing publishers, I spotted a chat on Amazon mentioning that the lending option for the purchased Kindle editions has been turned off (which I cant confirm because I will not put even one penny in their overstuffed pockets).With that kind of hoopla and a big fat movie deal in the works, you knew it just a matter of time before the spin-offs and spoofs started, didnt you? A book with characters stolen borrowed from a best-selling author is just begging to have the tables turned on it (I would so love to see what the folks from the old Carol Burnett show could do with this material). I found this Listmania on Amazon that shows theres been several spin-offs already written - but the one I wanted to get my hands on was Fifty Shames of Earl Grey by Fanny Merkin AKA Andrew Shaffer (a big thanks to the kind folks at Net Galley and Perseus Books Group, Da Capo Press for giving me the chance to read this).Anywho, the *lovers* this time around are Bella Ana Anna Steal and Edward Christian Earl Grey. Bella Ana Anna is still the klutzy college student andEdward Christian Earl Grey the gazillionaire business man. Instead of being fifty shades of effed up, Edward Christian Earls got a list of fifty shames, including shopping at Wal-Mart on Saturdays and a bizarre fascination with Tom Cruise and his older movies (lol). Instead of constantly biting her lip, this time Bella Ana Anna is a compulsive nose-picker (which is a big sexual turn-on for Edward Christian Earl). Edward Christian Earl doesnt stay at the Heathman Hotel, its the Holiday Inn...And just wait until you find out who Edward Christian Earls adopted father is :DI think youve got the gist of it, and Im not going to spoil by going further (the twist on the infamous tampon scene washilarious). Wish I could quote, but unfortunately I cant until I get my hands on a finished copy. I can promise a belly full of laughs, and strongly urge you not to read this one on the plane or the train - unless you want everyone looking at you funny when you start laughing your arse off. Available July 31 according to the Amazon page. Personally I think the Kindle price is a wee bit too high, but youll definitely get your moneys worth in laughter. But wait - theres more coming. There was a preview at the end for the next book in the series, Fifty Shames in Space. I cant wait :)