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Clique Jim Ernst


Jim Ernst

Published November 20th 2002
Kindle Edition
292 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Rick Banyan International P.I., half- reed American Indian/Caucasian, undercover agent of super-secret government agency, is called in to stop a multi-pronged attempt to take the life of the US President. A group of affluent businessmen, known as the CLIQUE, formed because of their hatred of the president, the man, and his policies, hire Victor Salvetti, head of the Camorra. This International Crime Group, similar to the Mafia, has offered to complete this task in one year for $150,000,000.After setting the contract, Salvetti sells same services to Saddam Hussein for an additional $100,000,000. Included in this contract is additional condition that Saddam provide a deep-cover sleeper agent to assist. Salvetti plans to use the sleeper during assassination attempt to kill the Speaker of the house, his hated enemy.Unique methods to achieve Camorra goals are tested in Europe and perfected. To identify and thwart developing plans, Rick creates a physical disguise and infiltrates the Camorra as one of their soldiers. At the lowest echelon he’s assigned to kidnap wealthy Europeans for ransom, working for a drop-dead gorgeous woman with whom he falls in love.Activities reach into France, Spain, Italy, Bosnia, Malaysia, Jordan and Iraq.