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Agile Release Planning Nimesh Soni

Agile Release Planning

Nimesh Soni

Published March 22nd 2011
Kindle Edition
80 pages
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 About the Book 

Self-help guide, from the trenches, on how to facilitate and lead teams through the Sprint Zero/Release planning in Agile and ScrumIn this book, I attempt to layout practicle, pragmatic steps that I have used in my experience of Enterprise transformation to Agile at two large organizations. I layout a roadmap that has been time tested and proven (with coaching of several teams and projects) on how one can facilitate Release planning for a project to spring board it to success.This book, rather a workbook, is written in no-nonsense, from trenches, roll up your sleeve type of language, and I attempt to be with the audience in the room, working with them through different phases of Release planning.