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Jedi Training Manual Sirtell Starlight

Jedi Training Manual

Sirtell Starlight

Published October 30th 2013
Kindle Edition
28 pages
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 About the Book 

I dislike having to knock this down. Afterall, this is only .99 cents. But the fact is this information is readily available (more in-depth) for free. There is a section of quotes in this book which was taken from a website (http://amandabb.com/star-wars/jedi-wi...) which is no longer around (currently, could come back, was up for years). Despite the domain lapsing, it is not something I can endorse as original work.The Jedi Code, Jedi Rules of Behavior that are listed in front. You can get much more use and guidance from the wookiepedia entry: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jedi_Code Youll get the exact same material and a much more fun and more applicable breakdown.The 33 Jedi Teachings to live by and the chapter Basic Teachings of the Jedi are redundant chapters. Basically repeats which just fills out the space. Could have used one or the other. And while some may find these as good starting points for Jedi ideals, I find them a bit too rigid. Jedi Believe in Destiny. Meh. Actually, some Jedi dont. Same with Life After Death, not all Jedi believe in such. Not all Jedi believe there is a Dark Side. At least in the context given. These are all classic beginner misconceptions.As for the Lightsaber forms. Jedi vs Sith: Essential Guide to the Force gives the exact same material. but again, if you want it for free - wookiepedia it.If you are just a fan of Jedi and Star Wars. You have better sources at your disposal. If you are truly interested in Jedi Philosophy as a lifestyle, youll need to look elsewhere. I believe the author replied to one the reviews saying they are looking at writing an actual guide. I look forward to it. Hopefully it will be based in actual experiences and knowledge rather than simply copying and pasting free material and charging for it. But this was written by someone who has not lived the Jedi Way or truly studied it for any major length of time. Which unfortunately has lead to this One Star Review. Sirtell, I wish you the best with your next book.